Aston Martin DBSV8 1969 - 1972

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DBSV8 Workshop

Andy Chapman gives advice on tuning the FUEL INJECTION

These cars have built up a reputation for giving trouble because some people in the Motor Trade say they are ‘bad news’ My findings are different with these cars, but they do need more time spending on the initial setting up over a carburetor V8. Once they have been set up properly they are a very reliable unit. I hope the V8 owner agrees after reading this. Listing some of my experiences with this system will no doubt help my business competitors, but hopefully it will also help the owner of the V8 fuel injection cars which is the main consideration and also perhaps improve the fuel injection ‘image’.

Figure 1 shows the diagrammatic layout of the fuel injection system. Most of the settings and adjustments to the linkages are done on a test bench and should be left alone. I shall refer to Figure 1 later in these notes.

  1. Main Tank
  2. Fuel Pump
  3. Surge Tank
  4. Petrol Filter
  5. Fuel Gallery
  6. Control Rack
  7. Control Sleeve
  8. Plunger
  9. Cam
  10. Camshaft
  11. Bearing
  12. 3D Cam
  13. Centrifufal Governer
  14. Swivel Lever
  15. Control Lever
  16. Throttle Cross Shaft Lever
  17. Control Valve
  18. Thermostat - Coolant  Temperature Correction
  19. Altitude/Atmospheric Compensator
  20. Injector
  21. Pressure Relief Valve
  22. Injector Pump body
  23. Link
  24. Correction Lever
  25. Rack Reversing Lever
  26. Bell Crank Lever and Follower

Fig 1. Diagrammatic Layout of Bosch Fuel Injection system

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